A Fallschirmjäger Gefreiter with Afrika Cuff on leave with wife

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

in the #kb41memoirs series

The photograph here shows a couple together laughing for a photograph. The Fallschirmjäger Gefreiter is seen holding his other half close and smiling. The Gefreiter is seen wearing a fliegerbluse, notably the single chevron on the sleeve shows the rank. Also seen just below this is a cuff title that reads Afrika. This being worn by personnel who survived the campaign in North Afrika in January 1943. This meaning he is a veteran of this campaign where he either served for 6 months or 3 months and wounded in action, due to no wound badges it is likely with combination of the other award seen worn that is a Fallschirmschützenabzeichen that he in-fact served for 6 months. The Fallschirmschützenabzeichen also known as the Parachutists or Jump badge which depicts a Diving golden eagle holding a swastika with a silver wreath was awarded for personnel who had completed 6 parachute jumps, a cloth version was later added to be worn to Jumpsuits. Seen here smiling with his girlfriend or wife the young couple pose for a photograph. The Gefreiter seen wearing a Shirt and tie under his fliegerbluse smartly dressed with his trousers tucked over his jackboots in style with his other half wearing a skirt and jacket with a hat and gloves both seen happy, most probably as he is on leave. You can only imagine what the war would hold for this couple and if he would survive it.

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