A Gefreiter and Funker Eating in the field

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows two Heer Soldaten in the field stopping to eat some food. Seen here in this photograph, on the left is a Heer Gefreiter, he is seen wearing a M36 tunic and jackboots. The Gefreiter can seen enjoying some food in his mess tin and a piece of bred in the other hand, likely some kind of soup. Seen to the right of him is a Heer Funker Unteroffizier with a side cap. The Funker trade patch is faintly seen on his left arm. The Unteroffizier is also seen eating too, he too has a small amount of bread seen held next to the mess tin. Both can be seen wearing jackboots, the detail of the hobnails on the Jackboots can be seen on both the Gefreiter and the Unteroffizier. Taking breaks in the field to eat and relax at any point when not on the move or in combat was enjoyed by all, as a chance to take a break as well as composing themselves. Morale would often run low for the average Soldat, eating a warm meal and talking among other Soldaten helps in morale and happiness, helping get through the day. Seen here they don’t appear to be too distressed and enjoying their food, possibly there encampment is nearby and they have just sat down near the bank seen here to enjoy their meal. They appear to be near a road as above them can be faintly seen to the left a small car and also a bicycle, they are seen sitting at the bottom of the bank and near a forest as some trees can be seen in the background and to the left. The photographer likely took this to give the Unteroffizier of the Gefreiter, showing them in a moment of their service that may not hold a special meaning to anyone but them, showing them just as they were in the field. This photograph now serves as an example of time taken to eat, most photographs are held up on battles or at locations, this one shows us that the average Soldat in the Wehrmacht had to stop and eat too.

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