A Heer and Fallschirmjäger Burial

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a burial site in the field to commemorate their fallen comrades. The site can be seen to be made of a wooden branch fence and a mixture of two toned topsoil. This is highly likely to be an in the field made site, due to the resources used. Not as much time can be spent to make burials as could be done at home but this burial made in the field still honours and shows the respect to their fallen comrades. Two crosses can be seen placed in the centre, one with a plaque on, although from here it cannot be read it is likely it would detail the names of the fallen and possibly what the battle was in which they fell in. The helmets can be seen stretched along in a line, 15 Helmets can be seen, some can be seen with the national colour decal on the side of some. Its not until further inspection that some helmets can be seen to be fallschirmjäger Helmets. The clearest that can be seen is the fifth helmet, this seen by the difference in shape. A heer Soldat can be seen to the left in shot, likely to be paying his respects to his fallen comrades. A Stahlhelm can be seen to the right of shot turned upside down, possibly taken off by other comrades who are also visiting to pay their respect. The photographer like many other Soldaten at the time take photographs of the site to remember their fallen comrades when they have to move on. Despite being at war time was still taken to bury their fallen comrades and do their best to build a respectful site for them. Photographs to honour them were taken often and can be seen in many different forms. It is sad to see so many people have died but this was the unfortunate and ultimate cost of war. They will be remembered through this photograph. The location is unknown and also who is buried but it is a meaningful photograph showing graves made in the field.

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