A HitlerJugend CVJM Zeltlager 1933

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a HitlerJugend camp. The HitlerJugend was a political youth organisation that was formed in 1922 but primarily in use from 1933. By 1933 the members in the HitlerJugend was 2,300,000. A law in 1934 was later declared that all of the German youth in the Reich was organised by the HitlerJugend. This later became a mandatory law under the Gesetz über die HitlerJugend, which was known as the Hitler youth law in December 1936.

The HitlerJugend was primarily focused on outdoor activities, as featured here as camping exercise that was very common practice. The HitlerJugend carried out many different types of activities and events. Some of these being; Biking, biking expeditions were a common HitlerJugend activity, bicycles were not owned by many people but the HitlerJugend brought opportunities for members to use them for trips and activities. Other activities included boating, sports, rock climbing, Hiking, music and singing and skiing, as well as more military based activities such fighting and combat skills, to shooting and even military drills.

The photograph shows Members of the HitlerJugend around a campsite with tents. One member can be seen playing a instrument whilst the rest of the unit has fallen in. The photograph was taken in 1933 and on the reverse shown stated the letters CVJM which stood for Christliche Verein Junger Menschen, this was a Christian association of young people (YMCA) which worked with young people in Germany as well as being a overseer of life for prisoners. The CVJM made an appearance at this camp. The word seen in the top left corner reads Zeltlager which means camping. The hand drawn picture is a nice touch added by the previous owner of the photograph, this could be a example of a possible mountain or skiing training camp as the oak leaf was represented in an award given to members who competed and awarded for skiing. Some time taken to add this to the back, a photograph that likely meant a lot to the people in them.

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