A Soldaten's Experience Of A Destroyed House

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photograph here shows a battle damaged house. Photographs such as these were commonly taken by soldaten of the Wehrmacht, it was to remember the devastation of battles they may have been in or what they had experienced when on the move through places. This photograph shows a partially destroyed but standing house. The rubble and wood that was a part of the house can be scattered everywhere. The purpose of the photograph could be as a proof of what they had seen so they can show and shock family and friends, or possibly where they may have stayed or seen combat. Buildings like this were sometimes were soldaten took shelter and occupied in street to street warfare. This lead to many buildings being destroyed and damaged due to fighting over land. The impact of civilian life really took its toll in some cases of people living in such houses would now be homeless or have to repair what they could, however most times people evacuated such areas they could. This shows the devastation impacts war can have on towns and life of what would be a beautiful building. Such scenic photographs as this were common and are also a true reflection of a soldats service.

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