A Studio Portrait of Young Heer Unteroffizier Marksman

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photograph shows a young Heer Unteroffizier Infanter. The Unteroffizer is wearing an M36 Heer tunic with a M10/22 Schirmuzte (The M10/22 being a smaller version of the Schirmutze). The M36 with the iconic bottle green collar that can be seen in the quality of this studio portrait. The young Unteroffizier has a early war Marksmanship level 5 lanyard. This is seen by the eagle in the lanyard. The lanyard was then later changed with an eagle with swords. The lanyard could later be given grades of Acorns but the photograph here shows the standard level 5 version. The other award seen is an SA Sports Badge. The sports badge game in three grades, Bronze , Silver and Gold. The one shown here is a bronze badge. The awards origin was formed from the SA chief Ernst Röhm in 1933 and was only award in bronze until 1935. The SA sports award was a political based award as oppose to the standard Heer sports award.

This is a good example of an early war photograph, the detail can be seen close in this studio portrait with exceptional quality to detail. The stitching of the Tresse can be seen in the clarity of the studio portrait.The studio portrait would likely be kept close by a family member, taking place in a family home or album. The Unteroffizier Infanter is seen posing proudly for the portrait this would be reflected when viewed by family or friends, serving his country when he is away from home. It is unknown his name, age or where he was from but you can clearly see how young he is. It is unknown his later fate, would he go on to earn more awards ? Be promoted? Face the horrors of war ? Or possibly become a casualty. It is unknown but he is one of many who was swept into and affected by the war. Making him a Face Of War.

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