Führer Snowman 1938

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a childhood Pre-war photograph, likely taken by the mother or father of the two children seen. The photograph as seen depicts a young boy and girl with a snowman they built in winter 1938. Just one year before the start of the Second World War. As seen the snowman depicts a resemblance to the Führer, Adolf Hitler. This is seen by the small iconic toothbrush moustache, he is seen like other snowmen to have coal for eyes, sticks for eyebrows, more coal for a coat, also a hat and scarf topped off with a tree branch for a broom. The date reads 1938, this is likely to be in Germany but also possible to be Austria as the Austrian Anschluss was in the same year. The little boy is seen on the left on top of a wooden rocking horse, he is seen looking across to his younger sister who is looking up at the snowman. Family houses can be seen in the background, details of curtains seen in the ornate windows, fences can be seen with snow covering everywhere. It is likely these children would grow up to be a part of a youth organisation. These young children unfortunately not knowing what the following year would lead their country into and the struggles their family would be put through, this photograph would not only be a memory of the family kept in an album but also likely sent to the father when he was away in service. A happy memory and reminder of his children and home.

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