French POWs and Refugees.

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph grouping here shows French refugees and soldiers leaving a captured village in France. The photographer is a Soldat in a Kübelwagens. The first photograph shows a row of French Prisoners that have been apprehended and captured by the Heer forces. Some can be seen with greatcoats and helmets, others seen with side caps. The French soldiers can be seen exhausted and in despair that they have lost and been captured, likely unsure of where they shall be going to next. The photographer the same Soldat as the other, taking these photographs to remember his time fighting in the occupation of France in May 1940. The second photograph shows French civilians, now refugees leaving the occupied village. The civilians seen with carts drawn by horses with their belongings stacked high. No room for them to ride on them. Packed with all their valuable belongings, a bicycle seen atop of the nearest one in shot. The line of these refugees much like the prisoners stretching far into the distance of the road. The Kübelwagens, seen on the right hand side of the road watching them pass, the photographer resting after some fighting taking photographs. Seen to be taken from the back seat as the front can be seen with the steering wheel, what can also be seen is a Stielhandgranate (German stick grenade) behind the wheel. This for easy access when in the field of combat. There is also a Soldat in the Kübelwagen in the front, seen wearing an M36 tunic glancing over his shoulder as they pass. An Oberschütze is seen wearing an M36 tunic and Kar98 pouches as he stands he watches them pass too. Too relieved that the fighting for now is over.

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