Gebirgsjäger at rest from Eternal Fighting

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a group of Gebirgsjäger in the field posing for a photograph at rest. Seen in this photograph the Gebirgsjäger are seen sitting close together all wearing M43 Gebirgsjäger ski cap, the iconic shape seen in the caps and the edelweiss seen on the right arm. Seen wearing M36 tunics and belts as well as Kar98 rifles, helmets and mountain rucksacks seen just in shot to the right. The Gebirgsjäger are seen on high ground the hills in and surrounded by a thick forest. The ranks of the Gebirgsjäger can be seen with the highest on the right with Binoculars, with an EK2 ribbon through the pocket, is an Oberleutnant, also seen with two bars, appearing to be a Sudetenland and long service awards. The Oberleutnant is also seen wearing low boots like the other Gebirgsjäger. There is also two Unteroffiziers to the right of the Oberleutnant as well as two Gefreiter seen by the chevrons on their arms. There are also other awards seen to the left seen is a shooting award lanyard, showing that the Gebirgsjäger has shown a good standard of shooting. The Gebirgsjäger are at rest here, the reverse being written in German sütterlin (A writing style used in the 1930s and 40s that is different to modern German), partially translates to " Eternal Fight and the additional reading: The socks got changed and after a short break we went on". This inferring that the fighting seems nonstop and with little chance of ending and adding to this that the photograph is a moment of their well-deserved break from fighting and hiking through the terrain seen around them. It is unknown of their location or where they moved onto next but this is a crisp photograph showing a squad of Gebirgsjäger in the field taking a well-earned break from fighting and manoeuvring. A in the field photograph that you can feel how much this break would mean.

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