Gerbirgsjäger returning to the chalet

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph shows Gerbirgsjäger in the snow, they can be seen going into a warm chalet.

The Gerbirgsjäger in this photograph are seen carrying all their kit to take shelter in the chalet from the cold terrain. Seen by the cold and snowy conditions, snow being seen everywhere as well as being draped across the tall pine trees, across the roof of chalet seen to the left. The snow can be seen to continue up the mountain that can be seen to slightly incline in the background. The conditions can be seen taking affect on the Jäger, this is seen by the snow that is covering them, some can notably seen across the tops of their rucksacks and ski caps.

The Gerbirgsjäger seen can be seen wearing ski caps and the closet Jäger has the edelweiß badge on the side which was the symbol of the force. The Jäger can also be seen carrying a lafette. This being the gun mount for fixed positioning of a MG squad. The Jäger can also be seen carrying ammo tins, this to support the MG squad. Also seen carried over the shoulders can be see Kar98 rifles. The Gerbirgsjäger can be seen going into the warm chalet to rest from the cold, notably seen are the skis that are stacked next to the entrance. The Chalet can be seen to have shutters closed, chalets like this were used as shelter and a place to camp when in the field. Likely a form of temporary barracks.

The Gerbirgsjäger were a light infantry mountain of both Heer and Waffen SS Forces, In 1941 one Corps was formed in Norway which was first issued mules as transport as well as very few automatic weapons but with a some MG 34 and 42 issues including higher ammunition allocation than regular infantry. There was 10 Heer units and 6 Waffen ss units that worked under the Gebirgsjäger.

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