Injured Offizieranwärter & Obergefreiter Share Cigarettes In The Field

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a group of Heer Grenadiers at rest in the field. They can be seen seated and standing around a troop truck, likely an Opel Blitz. They are all seen wearing M40 style tunics, the Grenadier seen on the left is seen with his arm in a sling and bandaged, notably injured from combat. He is actually also notably a Offizieranwärter. This being an Officer Cadet, this is notable by the slip on the shoulder board. The Offizieranwärter is also seen with an EK2 ribbon, he is also seen with a Binocular case. This can be seen behind his bandaged hand. The Offizieranwärter is notably seen lighting a cigarette for the the Obergefreiter, The smoke from the cigarette can be seen in the photograph which is a nice element to the photograph despite the over exposure of the photograph. The Obergefreiter is seen with a plaster across the top of his eye. He too being injured from combat. The Obergefreiter is seen with a feldspange (Bar) this is seen with an Kriegsverdienstkreuz (War Merits Cross With Swords) as well as an Ostmedaille (Eastern Front Medal). This shows that the Obergefreiter has shown his good military service behind lines as well as showing that he was apart of the cold and fierce winter fighting as a part of Operation Barbarossa. Also seen behind them are two other Heer grenadiers behind seen looking at the camera for the photograph, one covered by the Obergefreiter. This photograph being taken in the field, showing a true reflection of kameraden. Sharing cigarettes and conversations after a battle.

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