"Kuriositäten des Krieges"~ In the Field Polizei

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

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The Photograph here shows a group of Ordnungspolizei members, perhaps showing the principle "irregular" territorial forces in aftermath of the Polish Invasion.

Standing to the Rear appears to be a Junior Officer of the irregular members of the Ordnungspolizie belonging to Karl Deluge, as part of the SS-Verfügungstruppe (Fledgling/Forerunner of the Waffen-SS) , which would later be formed into the 4th SS-Polizei Division. Seen standing either side of him are two more regularly dressed Polizei members.

The figure to the centre is notable by the wearing of regular soldiers' M.1936 Tunic with the distinctive Polizei "Lime Green" back grounded Litzen, and the Model 38 Polizei Side Cap with badge, juxtaposition with Gardine breeches and riding boots. Notice the lack of arm or breast eagle, as was common with the field Police Formations. It appears the more aesthetically pleasing Polizei tunic in gaberdine was not conducive to whichever duties he was on, which given his equipment, appear to be more "front line" in nature. He is also notably seen with a Map case, likely to hold a map as well as other administrative documents and writing instruments needed. Also just in view also on his belt is a pistol holster, likely to hold a Luger.

The man to the Right is likely a Former Schutzpolizei, who appears to be wearing the regular "Orpo" pattern Polizei tunics, with little other insignia, which would lean towards the likelihood he too was part of Deluges' band. It is just noticeable he too is in breeches, and appears to have shoulder boards of a Leutnant der Polizei/Kriminalsekretär (Police Administrative Undersecretary to the Regional Inspector & Leutenant). He is also seen shorter spade in hand with document in one hand and binoculars around his neck.

To the very left we have an interesting character who is sporting the Polizei-Arm Shield, and he appears to be the local Inspector /Kriminalrat/Polizeikommissar (all dependent on actual tasking), holding the rank of Haupman der Polizei. This is at best deduction, this is a grade of officer associated with roughly a town of 20-30,000 residents, so a rough geographic area commensurate with the the rural areas of potentially 50-100 square miles in some locations. Quite remarkably, he appears to be wearing the medal ribbon of the Iron Cross 2nd Class, which at this juncture of time was not as commonplace as it would be by 1940 after the French Conquest. He too is seen with binoculars around his neck.

Finally, and most strangely, we have here another obscured duty officer, likely again, Polizei, who is playing with a captured Hotchkiss Machine gun. It appears to be the "ckm wz.25 Hotchkiss " which is the Polish used variant, which was a re-chambered Model 14 Hotchkiss from its original 8mm Label cartridge to, ironically, the German Mauser 7.92x57mm. He appears to be "aping" the use by the original occupant of the position, by the wearing of the camouflaging nature of the mosquito net he has on his head and left shoulder.

A very unusual snapshot of a transitional period in the Third Reich's implementation of their European Race and Foreign policy.

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