M-Class Minesweeper at Port Dünkirchen (Dunkirk)

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a M-Class Minesweeper in port at Port Dünkirchen. Seen in the photograph here showing post evacuation damage of Dunkirk, seen with blown up staff cars and parts of Maritime industrial machine. Cranes and small boats are seen mixed in the destruction with rubble shows the damage and devastation of what happened at Dunkirk. The photograph being post evacuation showing nobody on the dock or on the beach, you can truly take in the devastation of the battle, the Kriegsmarine M-class minesweeper seen in port and marking the claimed territories. It is unknown what the Minesweeper and it’s crew would be tasked with, possibly laying it clearing mines around the waters of Dunkirk beach. Or there is a possibility that the Minesweeper could be part of an escort with Von der Groeben, which was later beached after hitting a sea-mine on the 18th of August 1940 at Dunkirk. The photograph has been taken by someone of the Kriegsmarine, as attached the reverse reads “A picture of the Port Dünkirchen”, this taken in a reminder of what scenes were saw on the beaches and around the ship at which this sailor was based at the time. The Minesweeper could hold up to 30 naval mines and possibly tasked with removing mines or laying more. Either way it shows what the scenes of Dunkirk post evacuation were.

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