Panzertruppen Gefreiter and Young Heer Officer Cadet with Family 18/1/1941

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series!

The photograph here shows a Gefreiter of the Panzertruppen with his family on the 18th of January 1941. The Panzertruppen is seen in his Heer black uniform. The wrap is iconic for Panzertruppen, he is seen with a ribbon on his wrap which is an EK2 ribbon showing that this Gefreiter has seen combat and this is likely some leave time well spent with his family outside their house. Also seen is a "Eine Junge zu Kriegsakademie der Offizier" which translates to a man young from an war academy to become and officer. The Officer Cadet is seen here in his M35 Waffenrock dress tunic. Also noticeable is the full sized Officers Litzen. Just seen coming in from a family day out on the steps to their house this family shows happiness in this photograph, despite the cold weather all are seen smiling for the camera. Resemblances of family features in the faces of the people pictured is clear. The warm feeling and happiness of the photograph is felt. The members of the family and friends seen wearing stylish clothing, the young man towards the camera seen smiling wearing a smart suit to the youngest seen wearing a smart coat with her hair tied up. This family having two serving members in the Wehrmacht possibly more as the war would progress and the need for more men to fight. The strain of the war may have taken its toll on the family, unfortunately it is not known what happened to this family but this photograph captures their happiness in this time in 1941. This is a true memoir of this family, one that would be held close at home as a family photograph and in the wallets or pockets of the serving soldiers.

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