Räumboote Sailors in the Black Sea

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows Kriegsmarine sailors aboard a Räumboote or R-Boat, in the Black Sea. The Black Sea being located around the Balkans and Eastern Europe these Kriegsmarine sailors aboard seen facing the elements and above deck in the open sea. The sailors are also seen wearing warm jackets to keep them warm with life jackets over the top. The life jackets being worn for safety in case of rough tides and thrown overboard. The Kriegsmarine sailors are also seen wearing side caps as well as some caps covering the head fully, these being warmer than the other caps. Seen looking around for potential enemy’s whilst out in the waters of the Black Sea, as a part of Operation Barbarossa. Seen towards the back of the boat is a sailor seen in a long fur coat, this sailor being much warmer than the other coats seen worn. He is also seen holding some binoculars, also used to see threats from far away. The R-Boats were used as light vessels, originally built and tasked with Minesweeping but later tasked with supports for cruisers and supply ships. The photograph showing these sailors with the open sea behind them and some rain or mist seen across the front of the photograph. The information on the reverse reads “Many Regards from the Black Sea, Kurt “Kurt being seen as the Sailor holding onto the handrail, this is known by across the bottom of the photograph we see a small arrow pointing to him. This was likely sent home as a memoir of his time whilst at sea. This serving as a reminder to his family and friends home that he is safe and they can rest assure that he is alive and know his location. There was 23 R-boats in the Black Sea as a part of Operation Barbarossa. This is a crisp example of Kriegsmarine sailors in service.

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