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Soldaten Saying Farewells, Aboard A Train

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photograph here show a scene of troops leaving their town to head to the front lines, the exact location is unknown but the train station can be seen to be very busy with the families and friends of the Soldaten leaving in the trains. The photograph was taken by someone on board the train, this could either be a Kriegsberichter or a personal camera that a Soldat has.

The angle shows to the left a man shaking hands with a Soldat on a train, possibly a farther of family member saying their goodbyes to them. They can be seen closer to the train than others in the station. The busy train station lined with families of their loved ones going to war, it must have been a mixture of feelings for the people at this time, a proud one for their families seeing them in service for their country but also as sad time as their loved ones would be away from home. Some younger children can be seen in the busy station. The stations clock reads five minutes to four o’clock, with the occasional Heer grenadier in the mixture of the crowds. There can be one seen to the right wearing a lot of webbing, notably a gas mask can be seen on his back. Closest to the shot can be seen an Oberfeldwebel and a major seen walking past, the Oberfeldwebel can be seen wearing a Marksman’s Lanyard this being awarded for a good level of shooting, the Major can be seen with a M36 tunic and a EK2 ribbon but unfortunately due to the angle the rest of them cannot be made out. They are possibly checking that all people are on board and ready to leave. A veteran can be seen to the right holding what looks like a young girl’s hand. The train station waiting room and houses can be seen in the background with trees. Most people here not knowing if they will ever see their loved ones again, many hoping they will survive the war. Who knows what front this could be the Soldaten could be heading too? As well as what combat awaits them at their destination. The date seems to be early war.

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