Sturmgeschütz III, 1. SS-Panzer Division "LAH"- Krasnibor Siege of Leningrad 18.9.41

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows Sturmgeschütz III (Stug 3) stationed in Krasnibor, Leningrad on 18 th of September 1941. Of SS-Sturmgeschütze-Abteilung Nr. 1(Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler), 1. SS-Panzer Division "LAH", this seen by the skeleton key symbol on the front of the Stug III to the left. This photograph taken in The Siege of Leningrad. The Sturmgeschütz III Ausf A, mounted with the howitzer-like 75 mm StuK 37L/24 gun. The Stug III can be seen in rows on the left, four can clearly be seen in a row. Soldaten can be seen in and around the Stug, possibly maintenance work on some whilst awaiting orders to move on. Also seen are Opel Blitz trucks to the right, these likely used to transport supplies as well as troops. Possibly a nearby town or village can be seen in the distance, after invading the atmosphere is relaxed and awaiting to press on when orders are given. A crisp example of Stug III in the Siege of Leningrad, The photograph is seen on original Agfa Lupex paper. The Stug III was an Assault gun, made in 1940, it had 16 to 80mm thickness of armour and was capable of firing 1x 7.5 cm with a maximum of 54 rounds, also fitted with one MG34 firing 7.92rounds with a maximum of 600 rounds. The Stug III operational range was 155km (96 miles) at 22 miles per hour. But a slow movement speed of 25 mph. The Stug III was mainly used a direct fire support for infantry. The Stug III was the second most produced armoured combat vehicle of any type after the Sd. Kfz 251 halftrack.

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