Two Civilians with Decorated Bicycles

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photograph here shows two men (Possibly farther and son) posing for a photograph with their decorated bicycles. The two men pose for the photograph with their decorated, likely from a carnival or parade. The bicycles are seen decorated with designs likely made of paper or some form of cloth. The back wheel of the older man as seen on the left, his back wheel can be seen with the three colour design. This being the classic traditional colours of an Imperial Germany; black, white and red. The same design is also seen on the younger mans back wheel too. The older man also has another wheel design, this being a swastika design. This like the other designs would spin round when moving. The bicycles are also seen designed with small party hand flag pennants. These are seen hanging off the front of both bicycles showing support for the NSDAP. This in combination with the flower/foliage mix seen held in bunches, held on the handle bars supports that it is likely they have been apart of a carnival or parade. Rally pins were often awarded, it is possible the older man has one, as seen by the black circle worn on his chest.

The two men here are likely workers (Arbeits), they would be celebrated by the NSDAP in carnivals and parades. Workers were valued members of society, they were praised and appreciated at many events and rally. The workers were later forced to join the DAF in 1933 as well as others being forced into para-military organisations such as the RAD.

Parades were common in Germany, primarily in the rise of the Third Reich. The aims of parades and carnivals were to bring communities and people together. There was a political meaning to most events, this is seen here with the swastikas that are seen as decorations on the bicycles. The Imperial German colours were used across many carnivals, parades and events. One belief of the NSDAP was to stick to German traditions, this is seen here with the Imperial colours being used not only as flags but was in fact used in the colours of the NSDAP party flag design. A re birth and important to its traditions. The parade bringing people together, the older man on the left seen with a toothbrush moustache which was common to show support of the NSDAP. They pose for the proudly with their designed bicycles, a photograph that would be reflected on by the two men with their friends and families. Whilst slightly out of focus is still a detailed example of how people showed their support for the NSDAP, seen with hand made designs here.

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