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About The Collection


The Kriegsberichter 41 is a photographic blog consisting of scans of original photographs, postcards, Studio Portraits and other historical documents from the personal collection of a Cambridgeshire based history enthusiast. The images are posted for interest and educational purposes solely, since some of the images come from the Third Reich. Out of some 2,000 images, this photo-blog is essentially a highlight for historical prosperity, spanning a period of 75 Years. Beginning in the historical birth of Germany (The Second Reich) The Great War (WW1) The Weimar Republic (Inter-War period), The Rise of the National Socialists (Third Reich) and WW2 (The defeat of the Fascist Government); Thereby 1870-1945.


The collection primarily consists of original photographs but there will also be the showcase of other militaria related to what is depicted in the photographs. They themselves will have their own posts but may also feature alongside photographs to add detail and context. 

All captions and researched and constructed by myself in a Historical, informative and detailed way to best convey what happens in the photographs or pieces in the collection. 


However I do have help in understanding some aspects from close friends who in their own rights are a huge aid to the detail in the posts. Two of my main sources who aid me in my collection (To which myself am eternally grateful for their patience and time to help) - This section is dedicated to appreciating and acknowledging them.

Simon Tierney -


Massive help to the collection, not only for helping in making sense of parts I am unfamiliar in but helping me to develop my own knowledge and expand into sharing (Where his passion lies too) in First World war photographs. He is also a great help in proof reading an helping with terminology.



Tamara Markmann - 

Tamara is working with the collection and is a huge help in understanding German. Tamara is helping in the translation and publishing feldposts from the collection.


Tamara details herself and her collaboration as; 

"I'm very interested in history, especially the first half of the 20th century, and I'm fascinated by old forms of German-language handwriting, particularly Kurrent, which I began practicing as a hobby. This collaboration is a great opportunity for me to combine both and improve my knowledge as well as my reading/writing skills."

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