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#25- Pappas gute Nachrichten und die Behandlung durch einen Rhinologen- 4.5.43

Part of The KB41 Collection On This Day Series

This is the 25th letter in the series of Feldpost's that Herbert writes home to his family whilst away from home. Herbert writing this letter like previous from his hospital bed in Braunschweig (Brunswick). This Feldpost letter being written on the 4th May 1943 and posted the next day on the 5th May 1943. This Feldpost letter is complete with its envelope, this having details seen in pervious Feldpost's of the Family's address in Kiel and Herbert's rank and details of the Reserve Hospital in Brunswick. This Feldpost like previous is shared on the day they were written or sent exactly 80 years ago on this day!

The Feldpost in German reads as:

Braunschweig, 4.5.43

Ihr Lieben!

Heute morgen erhielt ich Pappas lieben Brief. Habe mich sehr

dazu gefreut, daß das Depot-Insulin nicht enttäuscht hat und daß es

Pappa wieder ganz gut geht. Nur schade, daß Paul nicht mehr dem Be-

ruf ausüben kann. Er hätte doch sonst sicher seine Arbeit bald wieder

bei uns aufnehmen können. Es muß schwer für ihn sein. Ich freue

mich jetzt schon auf die Zeit wo ich wieder richtig arbeiten kann.

Ich würde mich in einem anderen Beruf garnicht wohlfühlen. Und

verlobt hat Paul sich auch?! Sieh mal einer an, und früher wollte

er immer Junggeselle bleiben.

Meine Verlegung nach dem Harz wird sich wohl noch wieder

verzögern. Heute wurde ich ganz überraschend zum Nasenarzt geschickt,

ohne daß ich Beschwerden hatte. Er hat die Kieferhöhle durch beide

Nasenlöcher geöffnet und ausgespült. Es kam Eiter und Blut heraus.

Eine Kieferentzündung, komisch daß ich keine Schmerzen habe.

Es ist wohl auch nicht schlimm, denn ich darf ausgehen, nur heute

muß ich das Rauchen einstellen, damit die Wunden sich erst wieder

schließen. Sonst geht es mir soweit ganz gut.

Nun will ich schließen, das Wetter ist herrlich und ich

gehe heute noch ein wenig hinaus.

Herzliche Grüße

Euer Herbert

N.G. Das Päckchen soeben dankend erhalten.


The Feldpost in English reads as:

Brunswick, 4.5.43

My dear ones!

This morning I received Pappa's dear letter. I was very happy

that the depot insulin did not disappoint and that Pappa is doing quite well again.

It's just a pity that Paul can't do his job anymore.

Otherwise he would have been able to do his work with us again soon.

It must be hard for him.

I am already looking forward to the time when I can work properly again.

I would not be comfortable in any other job. And Paul got engaged too?!

Look at that, and before he always wanted to stay a bachelor.

My transfer to the Harz mountains will probably be delayed again.

Today I was unexpectedly sent to the rhinologist,

without having any complaints. He opened the maxillary sinus

through both nostrils and flushed it out. Pus and blood came out.

An inflammation of the jaw, it is strange that I have no pain.

It is not bad, because I can go out, but today I have to stop smoking,

so that the wounds can close again. Otherwise I am doing quite well.

Now I want to close, the weather is wonderful and I will go out for a little while.

Best regards

Yours Herbert

N.G. The package has just been received with many thanks.



This letter starts by Herbert writing that he received his "Pappa's" letter and his emotions attached to receiving it, this being a very happy moment. To note as previously mentioned in other Feldposts, Herbert's writing of the word "Pappa" is unusual by the double P in comparison to modern day "Papa" spelling. A cute endearment term for his farther. This happiness coming in relation due to previous letters that mentioned the ill health of his Pappa. This is mentioned in relation to the Depot Insulin and how it has been helping his Pappa and his health showing an improvement from previous as his condition was suggested to be that of Crohn's disease. As previously mentioned in a letter from the 31.3.43, the severity of Herbert's Pappa was a cause for concern as his Pappa could have easily lost his life which was a worry to the family based in Kiel but also a ill Herbert in the Reserve Hospital in Brunswick.

It is mentioned after a reply to something that Herbert's family has written to Herbert, this being about "Paul". It is suggested that Paul was a family friend who helped the family business in Kiel. This is mentioned as Herbert writes how it is a shame he cannot work anymore and how his help working with the family business (Which is yet to be specified) This would have been a great asset to the family and the business and is a shame Paul couldn't help as the family was under some strain due to the removal of Herbert's Pappa from the business due to health. As detailed in previous letters this caused some stress and tension at home due to lack of people who could actively help with the stability and previously mentioned people who have and could lend a hand to the family business. It is not mentioned why Paul cannot work but it could possibly be due to an injury? This being in relation to Herbert writing " It must be hard for him".

Herbert briefly mentions how he is looking forward to the time when he can work properly again, stating Herbert wouldn't be comfortable in any other job. This being followed by more mentions of Paul, this being with relation to news of Paul getting engaged. This seeming a shock to Herbert and the family as its is mentioned that Paul was set on being a bachelor.

Herbert then refers to something as mentioned in a previous letter of the "Harz Mountains" (A Highland region of Northern Germany) as Herbert was said to be transferred to a Hospital in this region, Herbert updating his family with news of a delay in this transfer. This being in part to Herbert being sent to the "Rhinologist" (Rhinologist is doctor specialising in diseases and problems with the nose) Herbert detailing how the Rhinologist went straight to work with no problem in treating Herbert's maxillary sinus (The maxillary sinus is a hollow space in between the bones in the nose) Herbert sparing no details of his treatment, " both nostrils and flushed it out. Pus and blood came out" Quite a gruesome treatment but likely helping in removing the infection from Herbert's system. Herbert also mentions about an inflammation to his jaw, Herbert not experiencing any pain recalls the strange feeling. Herbert writes that he will stop smoking so that the wounds sustained from treatment can heal. Whilst this is a positive action for Herbert's health, from previous letters we see that this quitting of smoking doesn't last long.

Herbert closes the letter detailing that he is feeling better despite the treatment and some issues and that at the time of writing this letter the weather is wonderful and Herbert is to go and enjoy it outside for a while. A mention a "NG" as a for of Ps - That Herbert has just received the package and thanks his family for it. The letter being concluded by Herbert's traditional sign off Euer Herbert, Yours Herbert.

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