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#49- Geburtstagspaket und in Stellung gegen Ivan - 15.3.44

Part of The KB41 Collection On This Day Series


This is the third and final Feldpost letter that Herbert writes home to his family in Kiel, from March 1944. Herbert writing the previous letter outside his bunker as the sun had come out and the snow was starting to thaw. The start of spring in sight left Herbert optimistic about the future of his time on the Eastern front. Recalling a large presence of Stukas in the air and a calm where he is staying. His health being much better but still suffering from a boil across his lower back.

Herbert suggesting the war maybe over in a year, which himself and his fellow Soldaten were not to be aware would actually true, but not as they had hoped.

The Feldpost Letter Read As:

I.O. 15.03.44

Ihr Lieben!

Endlich komme ich mal wieder dazu ein Paar

Zeilen an Euch zu richten. Zuerst meinen

besten Dank für Euer liebes Päckchen

mit dem br. Kuchen, Zigaretten Tabak.

Ich erhielt es gerade zu meinem Geburtstag,

gleichzeitig mit 3 Päckchen Schmalz und 2

mit Zigaretten. Ja, das war ein

Geburtstag. Gerade am 12. kamen wir in den

Dreck hier hinein. Wir liegen seitdem in

Erdlöchern. Könnt Euch ja ausmalen, daß das

einigermaßen unangenehm ist bei dieser feuchten

Witterung; na, das muß eben alles

überwunden werden. Jetzt hat es sich hier

einigermaßen beruhigt. Wir haben Iwan

gestern eingeschlossen. In den nächsten

Tagen hauen wir ihn zusammen und dann

werden wir wohl erstmal Anspruch auf eine

ruhige Stellung haben.

Sonst geht es mir soweit ganz gut. Hoffe,

dasselbe auch von Euch. Gestern erhielt

ich einen Brief von Ceile und einen von

Anneliese. Ich werde sie später beantworten.

Habe nämlich nur noch einen Feldpostbrief


Mit dem Urlaub ist noch immer Essig, für uns

ist die Sperre noch nicht aufgehoben.

Das ist das schlimmste. Hoffen wir, daß

er bald wieder rollt. Sonst komme ich wohl

erst im Winter.

Nun will ich schließen.

Herzliche Grüße, Ihr Lieben,

Euer Herbert

The Feldpost Letter Translated Into English Reads As:

I.O. 15.03.44

Dear all!

I've finally got time for writing

a few lines to you. First of all

best thanks for your lovely parcel

with the br. Cake, cigarettes and tobacco.

I have just received it for my birthday,

at the same time as 3 packets of lard and 2

of cigarettes. Yes, that was a

birthday. Just on the 12th we got into the

dirt here. We've been lying in

holes in the ground. You can imagine that this is

unpleasant in this damp weather;

well, it all has to be overcome.

Now it has calmed down here a bit. We locked Ivan

yesterday. Over the next few

days we'll beat him up and then

we'll probably be entitled to a

quiet position for now.

Otherwise I'm doing quite well so far. I hope

the same from you. Yesterday I received

a letter from Ceile and one from

Anneliese. I will reply to them later.

I only have one more field post letter


We still can't go on holidays, for us the lockdown

has not yet been lifted.

That's the worst thing. Let's hope that

we will get the permission soon. Otherwise I'll probably

not coming home until winter.

Now I will close.

Best wishes, my dear ones,

Yours Herbert


This letter is detailed as Herbert writing that he has finally found time to be able to write some lines home to his family. Herbert quickly thanking his family for their lovely parcel which they sent him. Herbert detailing that it has arrived in time for his birthday. The parcel containing a birthday cake, cigarettes and tobacco. The latter two being a commodity that Herbert has been previously in dire need of despite when Herbert was taken ill for a repository condition similar to pneumonia, saying he was going to quit. Further contents of Lard, which would help make Herbert's food rations go further and possibly shared with his fellow Soldaten.

Herbert having no time to celebrate or relax as he writes of how he is now in the field since the 12th of March, where he has been dug in position. Herbert detailing that he has been in the dirt and lying in holes in the ground. Herbert aware that he must endure this unpleasant damp and cold conditions as it must be overcome. Other than this it has been calm on the frontline for Herbert. Having "Locked" Ivan yesterday (14th March 1944) Herbert is confident that over coming days they will beat the Soviets back and then take rest in a quiet position.

Herbert then writes that he is doing well and hoping the same for his family back home. Details of how he received letters from "Ceile" and "Anneliese" that are suggested family friends. Herbert writing that he will reply to them soon with writings. Despite only having currently one Feldpost Letter left.

Herbert also details how sadly he is still on "Lockdown" from his ability to go on leave from the frontline to see his family at home, in Kiel. Herbert hoping it will soon be lifted so that he can soon see his family, if they do not lift it soon, Herbert fears he will not see his family until winter. Herbert unaware of the decline of the Wehrmacht's advance on the Eastern front, how every man is needed so that morale and unit strength is at the strongest it can be.

Herbert still having faith that there can be a chance of leave, closes the letter with his best wishes, Euer Herbert, Yours Herbert.

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