A Carnival Celebrating Local Industries

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph shows a Carnival parade in celebration of a towns industry. Civilian gatherings and parades were common, with Political influence being very strong. As seen by a political banner and little flags that children wave as the parade walks though a town. The square sign seen attached to the wall that reads Mobiloel which is a gargoyle vacuum oil. Also seen is a shop front and other posters and advertisements. Seen in the background is a political Swastika banner and Second Reich flags seen with the German Imperial colours of red, white and black. The parade floats seen to be pulled by horse and cart with creations showing industry of agriculture in the form of a windmill and Workers seen walking with work mans tools and equipment. One Worker can be seen with a Cart wheel. Children can be seen in the cart too, likely a memorable day for them. Possible that they are in the Hitler Youth or BDM. A good age range can be noted in the parade, this showing us that the whole community is behind the parade. An SA man can be seen walking next to the float as political guards to stop anyone who would disrupt or vandalise the parade. Also seen next to the SA man is a member of the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) seen walking alongside with other children.

This is Part of the Zivilist Leben Draw in the collection.

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