A Close Up Studio Portrait Of A Heer Unteroffizier

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

In the #facesofwarkb41 series !

The photograph here shows a Heer Unteroffizier studio portrait. The Unteroffizier seen here wearing an M36 tunic and is seen looking to the right for the photo. The photograph is crisp and sharp, this is seen by the stitching of the Heer breast eagle as well as the shiny details of the Treß seen in this portrait. The photograph is suggested to be early war as no awards are seen but the studio portrait doesn't show the breast pockets.

Studio portraits were smart and expertly done, this type of photograph would be kept at home pride of place in a family home or with friends to show and remember their loved one when away from home. This photograph like many others In the series are crisp portraits that tell their own story, unfortunately not much is known of what the people endured but that doesn’t take away from the quality and detail in the photographs.

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