A Dug In Gefreiter of the Luftwaffe Field Division

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photographs shows a Gefreiter in the Luftwaffe Field Division dug in a position, whilst in the field on the Eastern Front. What is nice about this photograph is that it is a close up photograph showing the Gefreiter close. Notably seen is the Face covering, this is a Moskutonetz. A Moskutonetz being a mosquito face mask, it was common for most ground infantry combat forces to use, they were used to stop insects biting and affecting Soldaten in combat and when at rest, in this instance it’s to believe the forest in which the Gefreiter is in has a risk. However it proved ineffective against many types of bugs. This was due to the poor quality and the fact the wholes were too big. This allowed for the smaller bugs to fit through. It was common for Soldaten across the Wehrmacht to carry these in their personal equipment and stored in the bread bag. The Gefreiter is seen here in his dug in position with an MG34. You can see some of the wooden posts that are apart of the man made position. The Gefreiter is holding a zeltbahn which may be used as coverage for himself but what can be seen is that he is holding it to cover the weapon. The MG34 can be seen to be loaded with a full belt of ammo as well as the foresight seen raised, ready to be used when the time comes. Also to note that he is wearing two Kar98 pouches but with no Y-straps. The photograph captures the Gefreiter in the moment whilst at rest in position in the field but still ready at his MG position. Hidden by the tall and small pine trees, the Gefreiter is seen with just the shadows of the trees. Whilst in shade he tries his best not to be bitten by the bugs of the forest. Possibly taken before a skirmish but it is clear he is dug in and ready to take on any fight that may happen. His fate is unknown.

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