A KDF Performance

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows what is know as the KDF (as is written on the reverse too) The KDF also known as the Kraft Durch Freude is translated to English as "Strength Through Joy". The organisation was founded and started its work in the year of 1933 and with one year 2 million German people had already participated in events. The KDF were a organisation that influenced many states of Germany it worked closely as a part of the labour front known as the Deutschland Arbeitsfront (DAF). The aim for the organisation was to unite the middle-class through leisure activities to the majority of the German people. One effective way the KDF did this was cruises that allowed the KDF to invite people from all classes and statuses to enjoy and socialise on the event. The KDF also organised and presented Concerts. This can be seen in this photograph. The photograph shows a mixture of Heer officers and NCOs, likely a part of the locally based regiment. Also seen are a civilian band that are a part of the KDF. The composer is seen standing and conducting the band, unusually but notably of Asian heritage. A full orchestra is seen, likely in a local park. This being a pre-war photograph.

Other KDF events consisted of Theatrical plays, day trips and holidays. Workers of the KDF were rewarded with free trips with their families to the Cinema, parks, walks and keep fit clubs.

By 1938 the people who benefited and took part in KDF events rose to 10.3 million.

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