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A Kriegsmarine Weihnachten 1941

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Fröhliche Weihnachten to all followers of KB41 Collection wherever you are in the world have a safe and happy Weihnachten!


The photograph here shows a Kriegsmarine family gathering for a celebration at Weihnachten (Christmas). The photograph showing the sailors mostly seen to the left and family with their fathers to the right.

They are seen together around a table that can be seen running down the centre of the room, with glasses of drinks and ashtrays for their Weihnachten meal whilst decorated with sprigs of pine tress as decoration.

A Tannenbaum(Christmas Tree) can be seen in the centre to the back by the doorway. The Tannenbaum is decorated with thin tinsel and decorations such as bells and ornate baubles. The Tannenbaum is seen with a candle on the top, seen behind this is a framed photo of the Führer, Adolf Hitler. The framed photo at the head of the table above the Tannenbaum, the photo is the iconic version showing the Führer in a greatcoat, surrounded by a wreath of pine sprigs from the Tannenbaum. Above this appears to be hand made flags, due to the fact the flags are not the typical or classic political banners, more of a block colour with a swastika in the middle.

The photograph shows the excitememt and family aspect of Weihnachten whilst at war. The sailors being seen with their families crowded together for the photograph. Children seen among the adults, a little girl to the left, seen wearing a white Matrosenmützen. The Matrosenmützen is shaped and can see the word 'Kriegsmarine' written across the front. The girl is seen covering her face, likely shy for her photo to be take. A small arrow can be seen directed at the young girl at the side of the photo, this is possibly to make a note of for the family . Seen to the right in the arms of his farther is a young boy in a striped jumper. He is seen wearing a Boardmütze (Side cap).

This photograph being taken at Weihnachten, the reverse giving us an exact date as it reads 'Weihnachten 1941'. This photo serving as a remind for the sailors of time spent with their family at Christmas. The warmth of family and quality time together can be seen in this photo. This is seen from the happiness of the sailors to the excited and shy children at the party. This all being celebrated with traditional Christmas tree and decorations but also showing their support and loyalty to their Führer, seen by the framed photo of him above the Christmas tree. This Christmas celebration being held dear to the sailors as they have a photo to remember this moment, to reflect when they are sent back to serve. Sadly not knowing any more about the people pictured, the sad feeling that many may not have had another Christmas like this one. A stunning and crisp photograph showing Kriegsmarine sailors and their families at Weihnachten.

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