A Obergefreiter Der Infanterie Family Portrait

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series !


The photograph here shows a Heer family photograph. The photograph is a studio made family portrait which was very common for every family no matter how big or small. Seen here with His wife and son. Both can be seen dressed in 40s clothes and looking towards the camera. All are seen very close to each other which is what families would hold onto when he is away from home.

The Heer man is seen here is an Obergefreiter der infanterie. His rank is seen by the double chevron on his arm. The Obergefreiter can be seen wearing a Pre-war Waffenrock known as a M35 Waffenrock. This pre-war style tunic is unique for its big and detailed cuffs, close formation buttons and unique collar. The breast eagle is just out of shot as he is see facing the camera. This being a smart dress tunic, a perfect occasion to wear it proudly for a family photograph. The war was yet to start and family’s like this really had no idea what to expect for Germany’s future and how the Kriegs would unfold in the later years to come. The young boy seen here would have likely joined the HitlerJugend when he comes of age. You can only imagine if he would have gone on to be awarded any awards or possibly survived, unfortunately we won’t know but this too is another great example of a Memoir of war.

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