A Reichswehr Reiter of the 5. Kavalrie-Regiment d. with Friends in August 1925

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photograph here shows a Reiter of the 5. Kavalrie-Regiment d. Reichswehr with some smartly dressed 1920s German civilians, taken in late August 1925 (As the reverse reads). The Reiter (Rider) is a Reichswehr Calvary man, as a part of the 5th cavalry regiment. The Reiter is seen wearing a Brunswick Totenkopf skull on his Reichwehr schirmutze. The Reichswehr insignia being a cockade and wreath with a single cockade above. The Reiter is also seen wearing a Reichswehr Deinstrock M.22 Tunic finished off smartly with a traditional Hussar style belt and crisp front pleated trousers. The M.22 Deinstrock tunic holding a traditional style to First World War Tunics.

Seen standing in what looks like a forest the group pose for the photograph, the other men seen in smart civilian suits. The two on the far left seen wearing smart hats. Different style collars also notable worn by different civilians, some close and some more open. The second in from the left can be the only one wearing a bow tie whilst the rest wear regular ties. Pocket watch chains can also be seen as they hang from the waistcoats of the civilians. The NSDAP would have been in its fifth year, the country of Germany being torn for power as the Weimar Republic tried to decide who should control the country. The men here not knowing what the following years would unfold, for now they stand proudly with their friend in his Deinstrock. A photograph to reflect of a day spent with friends.

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