A Weihnachten 1939 Celebration - "Prost"

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph shows a very merry group of Heer Grenadiers celebrating Christmas. The photograph was taken whilst the group was mid song as most are seen with open mouths, the centre Unteroffizier seen smiling and singing. The photograph is believed to be Weihnachten (Christmas) 1939.

Seen also in the photograph are two Heer Funkers, (this is seen by the lighting bolt arm patch that denotes that they are signals). The Unteroffzier seen centre shot sitting on the table singing with his cup from his water bottle in his hand that may be filled with Alcohol from the bottles that are also seen in other peoples hands. The Central Unteroffizier can be seen with a small bar above his right breast pocket. This being a Kriegsverdienstkreuz (War Merit Cross). The happiness of grenadiers and funkers can be seen in this photograph as they are singing, you could only wonder what song it may of been. Likely a Happy and Joyful Christmas song. This time of year was a meaningful one not just for the Wehrmacht but for everyone as the absence of family and not spending Christmas at home effected morale. So spending time with fellow Grenadiers as seen here really helped everyone. Drinking and singing brought them all together. Seen as drinking cups for alcohol is a mixture of cups. Seen are cups from water bottles and standard drinking cups. Showing they are making use of whats available. Bottles of Alcohol can be seen in the hands of the Grenadiers in celebration. Decorations can just be seen in the background of the photograph as the grenadiers are seen around it with the light from the top of the Christmas tree being in the centre. Tinsel is seen wrapped around the tree too.

A real and Crisp example of Christmas celebrated by Heer, Christmas celebrations were often photographed by all of the Wehrmacht. Traditions still being present even whilst serving, it allows for a break from the hardships of war. Increasing morale and escaping the war for just a couple of days, this would be looked back on by all of the Grenadiers for some time.

Fröhliche Weihnachten

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