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A Weihnachten 1940 Celebration

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph is dated 1940 and shows Heer Grenadiers in a Weihnachten (Christmas) celebration.

The small Christmas tree can be seen decorated with Tinsel and hanging decorations as well as candles. Just slightly seen is shot, in the centre are some bottles on the table which were drunk in celebration. The gefreiter seen in the centre wearing an M40 tunic is playing an Piano Accordion. The Accordion is seen with the word “Hess”. This make of Accordion was a Hess Klingenthal make. Klingenthal being a town in the South-East of Germany. This was a German manufacture, such instruments were taken by all Soldaten as a form of morale that can be used during party’s or celebrations, seen here in a festive Christmas one.

The cheverons on the arms of the grenadiers denotes of their rank of Gefreiter, also some are seen with Tresse, these possibly Unteroffiziers or feldwebel . Most Soldaten seen wearing M36 uniforms, one grenadier is seen on the right wearing no belt with visible belt hooks . The location of the photograph is unknown, it could possibly be a barracks building or occupied house wherever they are based or fighting. The grenadiers enjoying there festive celebrations and at the time of 1940 are still in the early years of the war, its sad to think that some men sitting at the table here may not be the following Christmas.

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