Barracks Laughs - Room 118. 15/9/1939

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a scene of comedic scene inside of Room 118 at a Heer Barracks. Dated 15th September 1939.

The Heer Grenadiers seen joking around inside their barracks room, as seen in the reverse (attached) it reads “Down on the Right, my Bedroom 118. 15/9/1939".The "X" being who's room it belongs to.

The Grenadiers seen in a mixture of kit from all but two with headgear of some kind on, with helmets showing on the man on the right with a decal and others wearing Side caps. One Grenadier is seen in an M36 tunic as well as a belt that has a Luger holster on. The others seen in a mixture of White HBT drillich tunics and some seen just in their underclothes. Seen joking around with their kit for the camera with gas masks out and Bayonets drawn they pose jokingly for the camera. One of the funniest being the shirtless man in the middle smoking posed with bayonet drawn and a loaf of bread in his other hand, possibly food from a party or belonging to the grenadiers in the room. The man seen on the right with a bayonet fixed to his belt and gas mask hung around his neck is jokingly swinging a shovel, possibly singing or talking.

Amongst all this the background being a plain barracks, there is some posters or information sheets on a notice board seen to the right. The comedic scene seen here was common for Soldaten of the time. These Soldaten were still human and amongst all the fighting and training still saw a way to laugh and have fun. This is also a reflection of Soldaten life as well as the harsh and horrors that war has. Taken two weeks after the war started it is possible these grenadiers have just passed training and are due to be drafted. The invasion of Poland being the first of many in the war, this would be taken to reflect on and raise morale when drafted and in the field, A very unique perspective that isn’t often covered of Soldaten life.

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