Bavarian Weimar Schutzpolizei

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

A part of the #Facesofwarkb41


The portrait here shows a Schutzpolizei (Schupo) posing for a photograph, it is a close photograph showing some stunning details, it is suggested that it is a pre-war Weimar era. This is suggested by the Bavarian arms seen on the Schako. In particular focus of this photograph showing the Schako with Trichter (plume). The Trichter being long black Horse Hair that can be seen coming out of the hat, the hat being known as a Schako. Also seen with a smart tunic, it would be a blue colour that is similar to the traditional Polizei tunic, finished with some smartly polished buttons. The Schupo is a branch in the Ordnungspolizei. The Ordnungspolizei consisting of many other police branches, the Schupos were the basic police, in charge of keeping order of most cities and large. They are a uniformed service much like other branches but tasked with keeping order where they were stationed. They were part of the NSDAP and had to of had previous military service and prove to have good physical and mental health. He is seen at the basic rank of Anwärter. The police of this time working very much like modern day police keeping order. The requirements to be a policeman was to have; A German Citizenship, No criminal record, Military Service of four years and be the ages of 20- 25 years. The policing as a part of the Ordnungspolizei changed as the war progressed. This is a crisp pre-war photograph of a Schupo, likely in a large town somewhere in Germany.

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