'Bis zu meinem Hals'

The photograph here shows a group of Soldaten at a beach posing for a comedic photograph. A date and branch of service is unknown.

The photograph showing Soldaten in shorts, one is notably seen to the left wearing jackboots. The are seen standing in a semi circle in just their shorts as they look at their unfortunate Genosse that is buried up to his head in the sand. The Soldats head barely above the top, a stahlhelm can be seen on top as well as some camouflage of foliage that is a sea grass or bush seen growing to the side of the photo. This is possible that the group where having a day of leisure at the beach or whilst in the field and this Soldat could have fallen asleep to when his fellow Kammeraden surprised him to cover him in sand. And placed a stahlhelm on him when he is up to his neck. An unlucky Soldat who seems to be taking it well. A photograph that would be reflected and laughed upon by the Soldaten at a later date in hard times or to reflect on good memories. A comedic photograph that was common for people to take, a subject in photographs from the period that isn't seen enough.

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