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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photograph here shows Aufklärungstruppe seen in leisure time sitting at a table. The location is suggested to be Normandy by the background in combination with the date that can be estimated by other factors of the photograph. The date is suggested to be 1944.

The 6 Aufklärungstruppe around a table, 5 of which are seen shirtless, one notably in the centre seen wearing braces. Seen to the right of him a Soldat who notably has facial hair, which is uncommon in comparison to the generic Soldat. They can be seen enjoying their down time in the summer heat around the table. Seen playing cards and also to the right a NCO is seen wearing a denim hbt wrap tunic whilst doing a cross word of some kind. The NCO is also seen wearing a nicely shaped Crusher cap with a pair of dust goggles worn above the peak. Also notably seen wearing a neck scarf that can be seen poking out of the collar, detailed with a pattern.

Seen on the table is not only the cards from their card game and the crossword that the Soldat to the right is doing but also some paper as well as some documents, possibly some form of admin that is being completed whilst in leisure. Also seen on the table is a 7.92 x 33mm Kurz bullet next to a pipe. The 7.92 x 33mm Kurz bullet was produced in in 1943 and was referred to as the Pistolenpatrone M43 (Pistol cartridge model). This was replicated for the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG.44). This adding to its suggestion with other features to be Summer 1944 around Normandy. The surrounds of the photograph shows us that they are located in the edge of a wooded area with some hedge and treeline to the distance.

This photograph provides us with a captivated moment of Aufklärungtruppe at rest enjoying some leisure time from fighting. Seen enjoying the warmth and company of each other whilst playing cards as well as cross words. The Soldat to the right showing a detailed neck scarf and denim hbt wrap. The photograph shows the side of war that is not usually represented, whilst still having a dusty feel to it. This is a crisp example of in the field leisure time.

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