DAK Reunion in a Café 1943

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series!

The photograph here shows a group of friends seen seated around a table, possibly in a bar or café.

Seen from furthest left is a well presented man in civilian attire, a smartly dressed in a smart black suit and tie. He can also be seen casually smoking and possibly with a NSDAP party pin on. Next to him is a Heer grenadier seen smiling. He is seen wearing M40 HBT Tunic and a smart shirt and tie underneath. Seen next to him is possibly a friend or girlfriend that is seen with her arms around the Gemeine in the Tropical HBT and also the Heer Gefreiter in a M36 tunic. The woman is seen smiling and looking at the Gemeine. The other Gefreiter seen also looking towards the camera with another sharp haircut. Then seen to the right is a Heer Gefreiter wearing a M43 tunic with an Afrika Cuff title. The Afrika Cuff Title being awarded for Soldaten who served at least 6 months or 3 months and been wounded in action. It was introduced as a recognised award to honour the service of Soldaten across the Wehrmacht in the North Afrika campaign. Also seen is a bar that appears to be a Wehrmacht long service award of 4 years. This showing the long service of the Gefreiter. The date of this photograph being early 1943. Seen on leave sharing a drink of what looks like wine in the company of good friends is captured in this photograph. This being an example of happier times in the life of the Gemeine and Gefreiters seen here, this being kept close by the friends as a memoir of their happy reunion in a time of leave from service. It is unknown what happened to them but you can only imagine what combat they saw in Afrika campaign and what they go on to fight.

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