Der Korporal Jnfanterie-Reg. Nr.29

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The Photograph here shows a wonderful portrait study of an Unteroffizier of Jnfanterie-Regt. von Horn (3.Rheinisches) Nr.29 from Trier. (Notably identified from the number 29 on the shoulder boards). This Rhinelander Regiment was part of the IX Armee Korps. We see here the Private purchase, high collar, version of the M1907/10 Tunic "Extrarock" and the peaked cap "Mannschaften Schirmmütze" The detail of the portrait also allows us to notably see the early war imperial button with crowns detailed on. It is noteworthy here that his moustache is very clearly styled in a similar way to Kaiser Wilhelm II. A very smart looking, and fashion conscious soldier of the Regiment. This photograph may have been held close by his loved ones at home, to remind them of him when he is away proudly serving his country. Estimated date is suggested early First World War, roughly 1914 or 1915.

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