"Der Papierhut Taubenbändiger"

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

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The photograph here shows Heer Soldaten with some women, Possibly their friends in Germany or in an occupied country. They are also notably seen wearing some nice fashion from the time, the woman on the left notably with a nice patterned dress. The photograph shows them posing with some noticeable paper hats, this adding to the comedic sense of the photograph. The Heer Soldaten are likely to a part of a transport unit, possibly motorcycle or dispatch riders. This is supported by the goggles seen worn around the furthest right Soldats neck. Also in combination with the map case with no other large amount of webbing. However gas masks can be seen worn behind them and also notably with torches hanging from the greatcoats they are seen wearing. The are seen posing linking arms with the funny hats, the central Soldat is seen to be the pigeon tamer ! He seen balancing a pigeon on his hand as he looks at it. Holding it on his hand he is also seen with some small paper in another hand, possibly some bird feed, this being how he has managed to tame the bird.

This being a comedic photograph that would be reflected on by the Soldaten in the the photograph. Unfortunately there is no reverse information, but we can take from this photograph that it was taken in a rather funny moment in their service. Comedy was often found and encouraged across the Wehrmacht, not only did it raise morale and help people with coping with missing family as well as the hardships of being in service but it helped them all come back to a place away from the war for a moment. Reflecting on this shows them what a fun time it was and showing us the side of war that isnt often covered and still happened. There are many comedic photographs across all events, outings and service branches as it didn't matter who you was you could always have a sense of humour. Possibly that this Soldat was nicknamed for his Bird taming capabilities!

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