Ein bedeutungsvoller Moment

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photograph here shows a Heer Soldat seen here resting his foot on a radiator and resting his elbow on the balcony as he stands side on looking out of the window. The photograph shows the shutters and open windows with the curtains tucked behind them. The photograph capturing the light perfectly, reflecting off of the window and off of the Soldat in contrast to create a crisp silhouette of the Soldat looking out of the window. This photograph capturing a meaningful moment as the Soldat looks out of the window to the trees and sky that can be seen in the distance. A moment of reflection that many Soldaten faced across the whole Wehrmacht whilst away from their families and the downtime from the stress and horrors of war. The photograph captures the importance of the moment over the detail of the Soldat, this is seen as the shadowing cover the Soldat in a way that his tunic is barely viable. The Soldat is in the Heer and seem wearing an M40 tunic.

There is no known date or location to the photograph however the feeling and emotion of this photograph can be felt. The photograph makes us wonder what he is thinking of and the life of this Soldat in service. Whilst the photograph allows for empathy and emotions to be felt it is taken with such attention to detail and skill o capture this aesthetic crisp photograph. as whilst looking of the window. This photograph having a personal meaning to the Soldat in the photo. This type of photograph shows the downtime and meaningful moments that Soldaten experienced.

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