Flak Unteroffizier with his Wife and Two sons; Hannes and Willi

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series!

The photograph here shows a studio family portrait of a Flak Unteroffizier and wife and two sons. The attached photograph shows the bottom of the photograph that reads the two names of his sons, the left reads Hannes and the right being Willi. The two sons seen both with toys, Hannes seen with a detailed ball in front of his mum, she is seen with her hand on his shoulder and Willi seen holding his dads hand and holding onto a teddy bear. The tresse around his collar tabs and shoulder boards denote his rank of Unteroffizier. He is seen here standing wearing his greatcoat and belt, seen smartly with a shirt and tie underneath. Seen smart for the occasion with his wife also seen dressed smart with a hat and flowers on her coat. This portrait likely being kept close by the Unteroffizier whilst in service in memory of his wife and two sons when away I combat or on barracks. He would reflect on this and think of home in hard times. You can only feel for these children being born into a world of conflict, the look on Hanne’s eyes fill you with empathy. The Unteroffizier’s name and his wife’s name are unknown, their fates are also unknown but you can only hope they survived. But it is likely they were unfortunately another family destroyed by war. This is a fine and crisp example of a family studio portrait.

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