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Hans Tank Feldpost Introduction

This is an introductory post to the new section of our website!

(Special thanks across the Feldpost translations to Tamara Markmann)


This post is unlike others on our website as this post details the start of a large running series we will be publishing the consistencies of Hans Tank's Feldposts ranging from 1942 to 1944. Some 100 Feldposts are in the correspondence of Hans Tank, which we will detail in photos of each Feldpost, the full German text alongside an English translation with full details of each Feldpost. The Feldposts will vary from letter to letter, some with their envelopes and some without we will showcase the stories and personal accounts of Hans Tank in their truest and most detailed form. We are honoured to research and detail the stories that are locked away inside these letters. These letters will be numbered and available to view on our homepage in addition to the new unique tab we have added called ' Extended Collection', this is seen with its own sub categories where Feldposts has its own page where they can also be viewed.

Hans Tank writes his Letters across a range of paper types and in many different locations. Hans details the date and location of most of his Feldposts if not detailed in his letters he writes in most the top right saying his location, some are more detailed than others but all except a few have dated of when they are written. This detail helps build the story and travels of Hans Tanks service.

Be sure to sure to keep checking back as we will look to post as many as we can with special attention to On This Day posting which we will try our upmost best to keep too! With the expansion of the website we hope you will welcome these other forms of items in the collection and with this we look to expand to sharing other items from the collection in the same pages!

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