Hauptmann Hans Brzenk with his Wife Freda 1944

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series !

The photograph shows a married couple and their dog, posing for a photograph, possibly outside their house on the 7th of September 1944. The Luftwaffe officer seen standing proudly with awards on display. He holds the rank of Hauptmann which is equivalent to a captain. The Hauptmann is a First World War veteran, he was a pilot in WW1 and this is seen by the WW1 Prussian Pilots badge( This being seen as the oval shaped badge), as well as an EK2 bar from WW1 and showing that he managed to excel and reach the award of the EK1 in WW1. The Hauptmann was also awarded of the Hindenburg cross, it can be seen in his list of bar awards. The Luftwaffe Hauptmann also has awards, one easily seen is the war merit that can been seen in a ribbon through the button whole. The Hauptmann has served and survived the horrors World War One had to offer, his experiences are seen through his awards and recognised in his Luftwaffe long survive award that can be seen in his bar, he has been a part of some WW2’s events, he is seen with Anschluss’s of both Austria and the Sudetenland and also has West Wall ribbon, being awarded to those who helped design and build some defences of the western front. This is likely to be earned as a part of his WW2 role as a reservist and office based job in an administrative way. He would likely be at a Luftwaffe base kept in reserve for if he may be needed. His wife seen next to him in a nice dress and hat. His dog can see posing perfectly in the centre, the reverse shows the date and names ( Frau Frieda Brzenk and Hptm . Hans Brzenk) as well as their address.

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