Heer Funkers in Stalino 1943

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photographs here shows Heer Funkers at work in Stalino, Ukraine in September 1943. The information on the reverse tells us this (As seen in the attached image). The first photograph shows the city of Stalino is now known as modern day Donersk, Ukraine. At the time Ukraine being occupied by the Soviet Union, seen here at the time of retreat in

he Soviet advance. The Wehrmacht pulled out of the city in that month. The reverse (As attached) translates to, " On Radio disorder search at the burning Stalino September 1943 Kneeing on the left, grandfather Bruhm".

The reverse helps us understand that Bruhm is involved in the withdraw and are in communications with the "Cut and Burn" tactics used by the Wehrmacht when withdrawing from the east as a destructive withdraw in Operation Barbarossa. The Funker on the left is notably detailed on the left as Grandfather Bruhm. The other Funker on the right in the photograph with Bruhm is an Obergefreiter and he is also seen in the second photograph. The Obergefreiter is seen operating a field telephone whilst the other looks out to the distance. Both are seen wearing M40 tunics, the Obergefreiter is seen with a double chevron and Funker trade patch on his left arm.

The town of Stalino can be seen in the foreground to the right with a long road running alongside it to the distance. A tram line can be seen also along the road fading to the distance. Buildings of the city can be seen close and towards the horizon. There is also seen multiple large bellows of smoke going up in the distance, this indicating that fighting and burning are occurring in the distance. The photograph being taken during combat.

Seen in the second photograph is the same Obergefreiter as the first. It is suggested that he is seen using the same radio, it is as attached shown that he is ordering " A Restock at 1 pm" however as seen this is taken on the 25.5.43. This being taken before the withdraw and still on the offensive as a part of operation Barbarossa. The location is unknown. It is suggested that this was taken before the Donbass Strategic Offensive (Which started on the 17th July 1943 to 2nd August 1943) This adding to the two Funkers being a part of the withdraw. This being a good study of the same Funker before and after an offensive, the latter being more detailed.

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