Heer Infanteries Collecting Wood

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The photograph shows Heer Infanterie cutting up wood for a fire to keep warm in the field of the cold eastern front. The 3 Infanteries seen here trying to gather wood in a snow covered terrain, the Infantirie on the left can be seen using a hand axe and the other two using a two person saw. Desperately trying to cut trees for wood back at their fire where they are stationed at their encampment. The Infanterie are in luck here as they appear to be in a forest so wood is available. Tall trees are visible in the distance, some branches of some seen scattered as they are seen chopping wood. The harsh cold conditions affected Axis forces. The cold conditions lead to many deaths on the Eastern Front.

The Infanterie seen here are wearing warm clothing to battle the harsh cold weather conditions and keep warm. The Infanterie seen on the left chopping wood is wearing an Ushanka with Heer insignia on the front. These hats were desired as they keep warm more than the standard side caps that the other two can be seen wearing. He is also seen wearing winter boots, these were worn in addition to standard boots. They were worn over them and were used to keep the feet warmer. These were widely adopted where they could whilst uncomfortable and in some cases impractical it was desired. He is also seen wearing a scarf and gloves in the attempts to keep warm. All are seen wearing tunics except the centre Infanterie. The centre Infanterie can also be seen wearing the winter over boots. The central Infanterie can be seen wearing a v-neck jumper as well as white camouflage over trousers. Both used as extra warmth and to blend in to the surrounds as camouflage. It is likely these trousers are reversible camouflage. The Infanterie on the right can be seen wearing the same trousers and also a side cap. He can also be seen wearing a M36 tunic without a belt, this is seen with the belt hooks visible. The two on the right are working hard to saw the wood in half. Some kit is kept hanging up in the background of the photograph. Snow covering everywhere and the tall trees and the forest can be seen in the foreground. This is a crisp example of the desperation to collect resources to keep warm in the field. In the field photography in the cold winter doesn't get much crisper than this.

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