Heer Landsers In Drillich Taking A Break From Work

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows some Heer Landsers in white drillich tunics and some in M36 tunics to the left and back. The Landsers are seen in M36 side caps and white drillich tunics, some in drillich trousers and some not for example to the right in Wool trousers. The drillich tunics are seen to be dirty so these men have been at work of some kind, possibly digging or building, possibly the structure seen behind them. The Landsers appear to be on a break as seen some with pipes in mouths they pose for a photograph. To the left in M36 uniform is a Landser and Oberleutnant. The Oberleutnant seen standing hands behind back, with a claw belt and pipe in mouth. Also to note is the boots of the Oberleutnant are in fact ankle boots and long leather gaiters known as Schnürschuhe mitt Ledergmaschen. This style of footwear combination was used and seen very much during the first world war and seen here in this photograph indicates that it is Pre-war around 1936 or 19437. Many of the Landsers seen are smoking pipes which was common, more Pre and early war but some seen throughout, many smokers ditched them as in the field may be too much maintenance or lost. One can also be seen with glasses towards the back. Notably some are seen sporting Hitler moustaches, toothbrush moustaches were common mostly among older members of the Wehrmacht. It became a trend to have the moustache of their leader, as a form of patriotism. The background appears to be a forested area, possibly where they have been working.

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