Heer Meeting at Notre Dame

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a gathering at the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris France. This is seen by the matching details on the wall and doorway as is seen in the Modern day Medieval Catholic Cathedral. The gathering indicates that and event of some kind is happening in the Cathedral and that an organised procession and collection is happening outside before the order to enter. The photographer taking the photograph to mark the attendance and memory of the time at this world famous historical landmark and as a personal reminder of his and the group’s time in Paris. The busyness and congregation atmosphere can be felt and seen in the photograph. The Ranks of the Heer seen all seem to be Schützen, the date is likely to be the occupation of France, around 1940. The Schützen can all be seen wearing exceptionally smart M35 waffenrock tunics except one who can be seen on the left wearing and M36. Bags and briefcases can be seen as well smart NCO caps. Dress bayonets can be seen hanging form the belts of some, a women can be seen standing by near the front possibly a wife of one of the men seen here or just a French civilian. The event is unknown but it is of some importance due to the location as well as the numbers who have gathered. The appreciation for the Architecture and detail of the Cathedral of Notre Dame can be seen in the details of what is known as the Last Judgement. This indicating that the photograph is taken at the west facade, the Archangel Michael and Satan are seen present in the details of the weighing of souls. This is seen in the centre just above the first block of detailed structures. The detail and time spent for this architecture of Notre Dame was appreciated and not destroyed by the Third Reich even in the withdraw from France when Adolf Hitler gave the order for Paris and France to be set ablaze, the Cathedral remained untouched. This is a crisp and clear example of German occupation and presence in France.

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