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Heer Soldaten in sports kit

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here shows a group of Heer Soldaten in their sports kits. They are seen wearing white vests, these having the Heer eagle across them, seen standing and sitting as they pose for a photograph. Seen in the centre is a man in a black coat or tunic with a Heer eagle on is their coach. The style of kit seems to be football so possibly the sport they have just been doing. They would be doing sports as a part of their training. Maintaining a good level of fitness in the Wehrmacht was essential and encouraged. Sports and social activities such as this encourage and promoted fitness. The shadows of people can be seen across the bottom, likely to be other Soldaten. Fitness was also recognised in the form of Sports awards, possibly what they could also be training for. It is unknown when this was taken but reverse information tells us the men seen here are from the ranks of Enlisted man to officer. It is unknown who is what rank but shows that they all trained together. Some buildings as well as a lot of open space can be made out in the background, likely that the field is in a rural area of Germany. A crisp example of sports ware in the German army.


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