Highly Decorated Luftwaffe Wedding with Friends & Family

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series !

The photograph here shows a family and close friends captivated in a wedding photograph. The front row being seen to link arms, all smiling for the camera. Seen in the centre is the bride seen in a beautiful white wedding dress and veil seen linking arms with the smartly dressed Groom. The Groom being an Oberfeldwebel (flight Sergeant) of the Luftwaffe. Seen here with awards on display, the awards seen are a Flugzeugführer- und Beobachterabzeichen also known as a Pilot or Observers badge, this being awarded to personnel who had achieved both Pilots and observers badge. This showing that he is likely to be a pilot. Verwundetenabzeichen im Schwartz, also known as the black wound badge, showing that the Groom has seen combat and been injured. The Oberfeldwebel groom is also seen with an Eisernes-Kreuze I & II Klaße, Iron Class first and Second Class. This being awarded for bravery and military courage. Also notably seen worn is a Medaille, Die Medaille Winterschlacht Im Osten 1941/42 is the “Frozen Meat Medal” awarded for combat on the Eastern Front in 1941 and 42. Lastly also notably being worn is a Frontflugspange, which is a Front Fighting Clasp of the Luftwaffe, this being awarded for aircrew who have been recognised for a number of successful flights. The Oberfeldwebel seen with these many awards would be an important pilot and notably survived and seen much combat. Also seen to the right of him is another Oberfeldwebel, he too can be seen with some notable awards, EK2 and EK1 (seen word as ribbon and on fliegerbluse), he also has a Front Flying Clasp, possibly in same division. He is also seen with a DKIG (Deutsches Kreuz im Gold), this being awarded for 6-8 exceptional acts of bravery or achievements in combat, being above the Iron Cross but below the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. Seen to linking arms possibly with his wife and family. Notably to the furthest right is a Young Cadet in the Luftwaffe, this is seen by the Anwärter band across the shoulder boards, he is seen wearing a summer undershirt with a smart tie for the occasion. This photograph is a memoir of the occasion, one that would be remembered by all in the photograph.

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