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Landsturmmann, Frau u. Kinder 1914

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

This photograph from the collection is shared on the 4th August to commemorate the start of the First World War when Germany declared war on Belgium, on August 4th 1914.


The photograph Here shows a nice family group, with a Landsturmmann attached to the 12th Brigade, which probably locates him to be from the Magdeburg area located on the Elbe River, in Central Germany.

The 12th Brigade was used by the IV Armee Korps. With Landsturm it is very complex to decipher the early "Brigade" distinctions. from the outbreak of war, the Landsturm were notified and when mobilised would be attached to the Reserve of the Army Korps that shares their front line units.

As seen in this crisp studio portrait there is 5 children, seen with their farther in his M1907/10 tunic and notably seen are brass numbers of "12" on the collar denoting him as Landsturm. Also seen is a cross in the cockade on the mütze known as the Landsturm cross. He smiles leaning on the chair where the mother is sitting just in front. The age of the children seen appears to be the eldest to the back and youngest towards the front. The photograph suggested to be taken in 1914, just before or leading up to his dispatch to the front he is seen with his family that he may not see for some time as he is sent away for training or the front. Unaware of how long the war would go on for he poses for this photograph with his family, a keepsake himself and his family would hold close whilst they are apart. This just one of many families torn apart and separated by the war.


Credits as always for Simon Tierney's help in piecing together WW1 posts from the collection - Thank You for your continued support

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Simon Tierney
Simon Tierney
Aug 04, 2020

It is most unusual to fidn photographs of Landsturmmann wearing proper pre-war pattern Feldgrau tunics, so this is quite a "flag" of the early Landsturm Kapitulants (volunteers to serve before being called upon). It is probably that he is towards the younger end, maybe 40/42.

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