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Maria - Theresien Platz

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The photograph here is taken in Austria during the Anschluss of 1938, seen here at the Maria Theresien Platz in Vienna. Seen standing posing in a group photograph in front of the Austrian landmark are a group of mostly heer leutnante with the Obertsleunant in the centre. The officers are seen smartly dressed in M36 tunics with riding boots as well as cross straps and dress daggers and bayonets. Unfortunately the distance at which the photograph was taken means we cannot see what awards they have been awarded but we can admire the beautiful craftsmanship of the monument. As can be seen to the left and in the foreground to the right are staff cars to which some of these officers may have arrived in. As can also be seen in the foreground are Austrian civilians going about their day around the monument. A clear blue sky without a cloud in sight, a breeze is noticeable by banners and flags waving in the background to the left. The large building seen in sight to the right is the Austrian Natural History museum, another national landmark and attraction of Austria. As like other countries and places that the Germans occupied it was common for photographs to be taken for a personal reminder of their time in the country. There is a very relaxed feel to this photograph, you can imagine the relaxation and leisure these heer officers would feel walking through sunny Austria. The Austrian government has always been close with the German government. Around this time they continued to share political views and had a good relationship which lead to the Anschluss on 12th of March 1938. The Maria Theresien Platz is still standing today.

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