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Memoir Of A Pre-War Happy Couple

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In the #kb41memoirs series !


The photograph here shows a couple posing together in the snow for a photograph pre-war in 1937. The weather is very cold and as seen here both are wrapped up in warm clothes. The girlfriend or wife if seen linked arms with the heer Soldat on the left. She is seen in a stylish 1930s long coat that appears to have a fur part on the top showing and the rest made up of a warm wool material, finished with a scarf and hat, as well as some small boots. The heer Soldat is seen wearing a greatcoat that too will be keeping him warm, seen with an enlistments belt and crusher cap. Long wool trousers are also seen worn over the top the jackboots. He is also seen with a briefcase or his girlfriend or wife’s bag. If it is a briefcase it is likely for the administrative tasks or upkeep in his division. The background appears to be a town with multiple buildings in the background. It is possible that the couple had this photograph taken in their hometown, this being seen behind them. A likely reminder of their time together that he would keep close to him when away and the same for his other half when he is away. They are both seen happy here, something that they would look back to if they were unhappy or missing each other. A nice example of another couple, in this time they wouldn’t know the extent of the war as it was yet to start. It is unknown where he went on to serve or if he survived but this still shows a couple before the war, possible to break as a result.

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